Positive online recommendations work as an amazing way to get new customers. In fact, 80% of consumers are likely to try out a business based on personal recommendations. 

According to a Nielsen study, 83% of consumers either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues and friends about recommended businesses. These types of recommendations ranked the highest for trustworthiness.

At the same time, VisionCritical found that over half of purchases inspired by online recommendations on social media occur within 1 week of seeing them. 80% of purchases from social media like TWISPER happen within 3 weeks of exposure.

That said, how does TWISPER work as a social network for positive recommendations? And how can you use our powerful Business tools and use positive online recommendations to get new clients? 

In this article you’ll learn how:

  • TWISPER is a platform for positive recommendations online
  • How honest these recommendations are on the platform
  • How to use TWISPER Business to encourage positive recommendations and get new customers

Only positive recommendations? And how honest are they?

TWISPER is a social platform that connects people to their favorite businesses through positive recommendations only. 

People download TWISPER to discover positive recommendations from the community. Nothing more, nothing less. Then, they can add people they want to share positive recommendations with. They can also follow experts, influencers and other verified public users for expert recommendations on great restaurants, hotels and bars to try out.

Why only positive recommendations? People are tired of social media platforms that are saturated with fake and negative comments. TWISPER’s main selling point lies in its positivity, and we’ve made sure to keep the app as such. 

There are also many measures to ensure that the positive recommendations remain honest and real. Verified users have gone through a strict vetting process. As public figures, they need to give out credible recommendations, and we make sure of this. 

We have a strict policy against reviews, especially bad and fake ones. When a user violates our community guidelines, their inappropriate content gets deleted, and we give them a warning. Or worse they get permanently banned from the app. 

We don’t do reviews or ratings because they’re unreliable. What are these ratings based on? There’s no clear standard. Giving a 2-star review will not mean the same thing for different people. There’s no standard to speak of. 

Finally, people don’t get recommendations from people that they’re not friends with or do not follow. This ensures that people don’t get recommendations from potentially people that they do not trust.

So how honest are positive recommendations on the app? Quite honest. In fact, people join the app because of them.

How do you use online positive recommendations to automate your referral system?

Essentially, on TWISPER, your business can potentially get word-of-mouth traction between two main networks

  1. People and their friends - When a person recommends your business on the app, this positive experience gets shown to their friends on the feed.
  2. Public figures with expert recommendations - When a partner or influencer recommends you to their followers and friends, this gets shown to everyone following them.

Let’s imagine a scenario. A person has a great experience from trying out your business. They rave about your business to their friends, and a good chunk of them tries out your business.

Their friends, in turn, also have a great experience and talk about it to their own circle. Over time, you build a reputation within these circles about how great your business is. One of the friends is actually a public figure with a big following and they write about your business. You get a surge of new customers. 

These positive recommendations are undoubtedly great for your business. But these recommendations happen offline and are ultimately hard to measure. Essentially, it can be hard for you to figure out how to make these recommendations happen more often.

This is when TWISPER comes in. Personal and positive recommendations work. Don’t you want to get recommended by clients online, so that this amazing stamp of approval lives on, indefinitely? 

On TWISPER, this cycle of recommendations and purchase happens at a much more efficient scale. Why? Because people can just use TWISPER and go through recommendations from friends and partners whenever and wherever . 

Friends don’t have to be in the same place anymore, or even at the same time, to make these recommendations. People can also follow experts to see their recommendations. After a while, you get to see trends on how these positive recommendations occur. This means that you can effectively discover how to keep these positive recommendations coming.

Using TWISPER Business to encourage personal recommendations

Did you know that your profile on TWISPER has been seen by over 500,000 users? By verifying your business on TWISPER Business, you get to control your online image and encourage positive recommendations.