Today, people search for businesses online. “Where to find restaurants near me” or “cheap hotels in Rome” are some of the questions that search engines get daily. If you can even get a tiny fraction of this for your business, this can mean increasing your revenue by up to five figures.  

But how do you do this? By creating online listings. 

Online listings include information on your business such as your business name, opening hours, address, website and even people’s recommendations on your business.  

Many different studies all support the idea that being online helps. According to SEO Tribunal, 97% of people learn more about a local business online than anywhere else. Having a consistent online image and the identical business listings across different platforms can add as much as 23% to your revenue according to Lucidpress. 

So how can you benefit from the compounding results of being online over time? In this article, you’ll learn: 

  • What are online business listings?  

  • 4 ways online listings can give you revenue 

  • How to use TWISPER Business to manage your online listings  

What are online business listings? 

Online business listings are profiles or entries on social media and other platforms that include details about your business. Most online listings contain the following: 

  • Name of your business - This is how people call your business, everywhere. 

  • Address - This is where your business is located. 

  • Opening hours - This is vital information on when people can try out your business. 

  • Website - Some listings also allow businesses to include their website. This allows the visitor to email them or make a reservation online. 

  • Other contact details - This is vital information on how to contact the business. Contact details can include email and phone number.    

Here’s an example of online listing on TWISPER by Bar Am Wasser: 

A screenshot of a cell phone

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This online listing contains all the necessary information about the business, including the address, opening hours and phone number. A benefit of being on TWISPER is that Bar Am Wasser can see the word-of-mouth recommendations taking place on the platform and find ways to encourage more of them. 

Many of my friends have recommended this place on TWISPER and have raved about their experiences with it. And the more I see a photo of their amazing experience, the more I want to go back to Bar Am Wasser and drink the same cocktails.

How to use online listings to grow your revenue 

1. Get seen by millions of people

Having a website and a listing on Google will help you get traffic from searches looking for what you provide.  Google will prioritize your business on searches within your area. So if you are a nearby café, you get the priority for all searches on the best cafes near me.

Every second, Google gets around 63,000 searches. If you put this into perspective, the scale is massive, and can mean thousands of dollars in revenue. 

2. Strengthen brand recognition by maintaining listings across different platforms 

Create online listings across different platforms such as TWISPER Business, Google and Facebook. Why? Because this means creating an online presence wherever people search for your business or your services. If the same people find you across different channels, they will better remember your brand, because they see it everywhere. But, of course, you also need to maintain these listings. Inconsistent details across different platforms can after all frustrate your customers and discourage them from trying out your business. 

This is where TWISPER Business’s Listings Manager becomes handy. We have a free tool that analyzes how accurate your listings are across different platforms. Even better: you can update all your listings automatically with just one click with our pro subscription.

Lisitings Manager

3. Reach new types of customers 

Your current customers are great, and they keep your business running. But if you want to expand to a wider customer base, having online listings can help you achieve this goal. 

Simply put, different types of people go on different online platforms, so this will help you attract those who might be on one platform but aren’t on the other. 

We understand how word-of-mouth growth works and how positive online recommendations can boost revenue. This is why on TWISPER, we’ve facilitated the sharing of positive recommendations.  

On TWISPER, people who love your business recommend it to their connections. This lets you attract new types of customers through word of mouth. Then you can use TWISPER Business’s tools to nurture your new customers. 

4. Being online leads to compounding results over time 

Finally, having online listings across different platforms means that you can take advantage of the compounding results over time just through having this presence. 

Think about it. If you have a profile on TWISPER, this means that you can learn how to take advantage of the positive recommendations coming from the community and to encourage more of those. The biggest power of being online is that you’ll be able to see what’s being said about you and act accordingly. This also means that prospects can contact you, before trying out your business.  

Work smarter 

Taking advantage of online listings, doesn’t need to be tedious. It also doesn’t require a lot of resources to manage. 

Work smart. Use our Business Listings Manager that can help you manage your listings across different platforms. Just get verified and gain access to this!  

After this, make sure that your information is consistent across these online listings. Consistency is important for your brand reputation and will help you climb up the search rankings.  

We completely understand that running a business means juggling hundreds of jobs at once. Updating hundreds of different platforms doesn’t need to be one of them anymore. Not only can you get visibility of your online image in seconds, but you can ensure it is all consistent in a matter of clicks.