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    Check how Dirk Hany, award-winning bartender in Zurich, uses TWISPER to grow his business.

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    People can only share positive recommendations of businesses they love. No more. No less. No negativity.

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    Reach out easily to new customers through a positive-only network

    Tired of bad and fake reviews of your business? 

    On TWISPER, happy customers don’t rate you, they favorite your place and recommend you to all their friends.

    Reach out easily to new customers through a positive-only network
    Boost your business now with your happy customers

    Boost your business now with your happy customers

    Encourage them to recommend you to their friends on TWISPER and attract new people.

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    TWISPER was created by professionals in the hospitality and gastronomy industry

    Join renowned hoteliers, award-winning chefs and critically-acclaimed bartenders that have joined the positive revolution.

    • Erik Lorincz

      Founder of Kwãnt Bar in London

      "I enjoy the network effect of TWISPER. I like the concept that friends recommend places to their friends. Being able to tap into a positive community of customers and potential customers is of great advantage."

    • Tom Aikens

      Acclaimed British chef

      "TWISPER is centered on sharing positive recommendations and keeps the fun and experiential side of visiting somewhere or eating out at the heart. It brings back fairness and positivity to hospitality."

    • Dirk Hany

      Owner of "Bar am Wasser" in Zürich and winner of the Diageo in 2019

      "I am fascinated by TWISPER's concept that happy customers can favorite places and share them automatically with their friends. Bringing back the good old word-of mouth."

    • Raphael Wyniger

      Owner & Founder of Wyniger Group

      "TWISPER allows us to continue to invest in guest relationship."

    • Philippe Chevrier

      Two Michelin-starred chef

      "TWISPER is all about recommending places you love, it’s about creating digital word of mouth without the negative side of it."

    • Ollie Dabbous

      Michelin starred chef and owner of Hide in London

      "Positive recommendations from friends & colleagues are so important to our industry, TWISPER harnesses the power of word-of-mouth tips in a user-friendly & honest way which benefits both customers and restaurants alike."

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