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The free digital word-of-mouth

Your guests promote your place to their Friends

FEED The feed shows your guests’ latest favorite places to their friends.
The more favorites you have, the more new clients you reach.
This is free promotion for your business.
SEARCH Your business is promoted as guests' recommendations on the map.
This is how you enter the new digital word-of-mouth dimension.

The first automated customer loyalty program

Send a personalized “thank you” message to each guest who favorites your place.

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Gain visibility and easily deploy cross-platform updates

Control your online image and automatically update your information

  • Update automatically across +50 platforms
  • Book Now button (commission-free bookings)
  • Upload your 10 favorite pictures easily
  • Highlight your best guest feedback

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  • Raphael Wyniger

    Owner & Founder Wyniger Group

    "TWISPER allows us to continue to invest in guest relationship."

  • Daniel F. Lauber


    "Tailor-made communication with the right customer in the right place is as easy as pie with TWISPER - TWISPER is Target Marketing at its best!"