Bar Am Wasser is boosted to new heights with TWISPER Business’ digital word of mouth 

TWISPER Business is the first platform with only positive recommendations. On TWISPER, happy customers don’t rate you, they recommend you to their friends. This creates a snowball effect of positivity that converts their network into new customers. No negative comments, no unfair ratings, no fake profiles. Just positive digital word of mouth. We call it free marketing! 

Bar Am Wasser makes the most of this powerful marketing tool using its existing happy guests to reach new potential customers across TWISPER’s growing platform of more than 1,5 million users. 

Why does TWISPER favor positive recommendations over reviews?  

Today the world of digital recommendations is filled with negative, biased and paid reviews. Consumers trust recommendations from people they know, rather than digital review platforms:  

  • According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report, 83% of people believe recommendations from friends.  

  • A Trustpilot 2019 study indicates that 80% of users consider online reviews to be inauthentic.  

Recommendations are the way forward, and on TWISPER, people can only share positive recommendations to their friends and followers. 

“TWISPER Business can only be positive for your business”, says Dirk Hany. 

Bar Am Wasser benefits even more from TWISPER Business Pro features 

Bar Am Wasser takes full advantage of the power of positive digital word of mouth by using TWISPER Business. This gives it access to Pro features allowing it to manage its online image, connect with existing guests and reach new customers through positive recommendations: 

Highlight the best experiences 

With TWISPER Business, Dirk can see the countless amazing experiences from happy customers on TWISPER and highlight them for everyone to see. This means that everyone who visits Bar Am Wasser’s profile on TWISPER can see the recommendations, even if they’re not friends or followers of the users who wrote them. 

With this feature, Bar Am Wasser showcases its happiest customers and attracts people who stumble upon its business profile while looking for great bars to visit on TWISPER. 

The more existing customers use TWISPER, the more businesses can leverage their positive experiences to reach a wider network of potential new customers. 

Send an automated and personalized Thank You Message 

Bar Am Wasser sends an automated, personalized Thank You Message to all customers who have recommended the bar.  

Thank you message

This simple action brings the bar closer to its happy clientele at no extra effort and maintains a positive, personal connection with them.  

Use TWISPER Business for 1 month, free of charge 

Want to boost your business with positive digital word of mouth like Bar Am Wasser? Try TWISPER Business’ powerful features free of charge for 1 month and see how our positive revolution will work for you.