Your businesses’ online presence has never been more important. In a day and age where the 97% of people check online to search for local businesses, you cannot afford not to be ticking the boxes for those searching.  

Online presence boils down to the sum of all the activity and content that would appear if anyone typed in your business name in Google

  • Website. 
  • Online listings and directories.
  • Profiles on social platforms like Instagram, TWISPER and Facebook. 
  • Interactions with customers via social media. 
  • Recommendations and reviews. 
  • Mentions: what other people are writing about you.   

All the elements of your business’ online presence that you control, from your website to your claimed listings, should answer the questions any visitor will have. In this article, we will look at three businesses that do this particularly well and draw out the lessons that can be learned and easily applied to your own business.  

Côte Brasserie: Côte at Home 

In response to the crisis Côte Brasserie have created the successful launch of their impressive Côte at Home collection, an online shop delivering meals, fresh meat and wines. As a result, their home website has undergone an overhaul, showcasing their new offerings and informing the visitors to their website about their services. A spokesperson for the chain stated, “Our focus is now ‘business as usual’, supporting all of our team members and continuing to provide a Covid-safe restaurant experience for our guests.” 




  • The what: Côte at Home clearly states what they do “Delivering you the taste of France in four simple steps” and details what visitors to their website can expect when they order. The top bar navigation menu offers a quick insight into their offerings: vegan, set menus, boucherie, fromagerie, boulangerie, pantry and cellar. The visuals that they employ are harmonious and on brand in the Côte Brasserie blue, and they are careful not to overload the viewer with information: they keep to the basic steps of what an order with them looks like and give the viewer the option to access extra information.  
  • The who: in detailing what they are about, they effectively highlight who their target customer is by stating that they are providing French cuisine for delivery in Mainland UK.  
  • The why: they accompany their simple approach with photos that excite and entice the website visitor to make an order. They clearly show why the visitor should order with them and the benefits they can expect by doing so through bright photos of their collections at the center of their content. Each photo provides the visitor the option to learn more by clicking to view the product selection. Each dish or product is accompanied with serving size and allergy information which enhances their message.  
  • The how: once they have enticed their viewers by effectively demonstrating what they are about, who they are targeting and why their website visitors should convert into paying customers, they provide their website visitors with the direct ordering button to create their order.   

Overall, Côte at Home delivers a concise message, with entertaining and alluring visuals that answer all the questions a visitor to their website may have at little more than a click of a button. Their message is upfront, clean and inviting.  


Muse by Tom Aikens 

Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens opened his London restaurant Muse in January 2020 just before the pandemic hit its peak. A converted Georgian townhouse situated in Belgravia London, the menus at Muse have been inspired by nostalgia and the pivotal moments and key people from Tom’s personal life and career. Muse expanded their online presence by claiming their business on TWISPER and upgrading to the Pro subscription which allows them to fully enjoy the benefits of TWISPER’s features and leverage positive recommendations to widen their customer base. 

  • The what: quite simply stated in their description, Muse is “A cosy, fine dining 25-seater restaurant in the heart of Belgravia”. Clearly summarized, the app gives the option for viewers to click and view more, with a longer description and details of their additional services such as Free Wi-Fi.   
  • The who: TWISPER’s unique app design empowers users to discover new places based on their friend’s recommendations. This means that the viewer can see their friend’s recommendations for Muse, an incredibly powerful marketing tool which 74% of individuals say influences their purchasing decisions.   
  • The why: their gallery has been updated and managed to showcase their stunning interiors, their skilled team including Tom Aikens himself, and their fabulous dishes – all elements that show the viewer why they should go to their restaurant.  
  • The how: including their location which is accompanied with a link to get directions, they use the 0% commission Booking Button, to provide direct access to their preferred booking platform.  


Roast Club Café  

Roast Club Café is a beautiful example of good online presence. When you type their name into Google, you immediately get hit with results that are directly about them and created by them. Like many businesses, their social profiles come up to the top of the search results.   


Why do my social profiles come up before my website on search results? Well, the chances are, if you’re doing online presence correctly, you will be adding links to your social platforms on your website and other listings. This increases the chances that those searching for you will find you. The more interactions and activity you have on your social profiles, the higher up they will appear in the search results.  


Let’s take Roast Club Café’s first result – their Instagram page.  


Their profile immediately tells the viewer: 

  • The what: who they are – Specialty Coffee Roasters, they include in their Highlights their food menu, their new releases and a Moka tutorial – all adding context to who they are.  
  • The who: who their target customer is – they are based in Barcelona with an online shop and menu (suggesting the ability to shop from beyond Barcelona). 
  • The how: how can customers access them – they include their opening hours, and a highlight on their events. On their pictures, you can see comments from customers that they reply to, interacting directly. Another function of Instagram is the Direct Message, which potential customers can easily use to ask questions directly to the business.  
  • The why: the why, and all of the other questions are answered in the visuals on their Instagram wall. Pictures that show their team dynamic, pictures that show their place, pictures that show their products and food. The color palette they use in the pictures is inviting and consistent: clear bright images with predominant colors of black, brown and white with pops of their signature red.  

Clear and concise, their rich visuals solidify their online presence and entice viewers to get.  



  • Utilizing the elements of online presence effectively will directly nurture and grow your customer base.  
  • Keep the messages that you present on your website and social platforms concise and streamlined, clearly answering what you are about, who you are targeting, why a viewer should order from you and how they can do so.  
  • Always provide the basic information upfront, and then link more information or ordering options using buttons, for example TWISPER’s 0% commission Booking Button. 
  • Use bright and inviting high-definition images that show your place in the best light and give insight into what you are about and why viewers should order from you.  
  • Each piece of content that you produce, and display should add value and serve a purpose.