To say that the hospitality and gastronomy industry has been hit hard by the negative impacts of the past year would almost be an understatement. Naturally, business owners are looking to attract new customers without spending a fortune on marketing and advertisements to recoup on losses. TWISPER proposes an effective solution to leverage community and your loyal customers to reach a new market.  

TWISPER is the first platform with only positive recommendations. Our ethos is one of transparency and support to bring back fairness and positivity to the hospitality and gastronomy industry. We recognize that this industry is full of remarkable, hard-working and passionate individuals, often plagued by unfair and negative reviews, that cost businesses in revenue and time.  

Our mission of positivity and fairness has echoed strongly with individuals across the world. Our community grew from 20,000 in January, to almost 2,000,000 in 2021.

So, how can you tap into the positivity of the TWISPER community and reach new customers? We decided to ask them directly and the TWISPER community has spoken. What they are saying will give you reason to hope.  

A community actively discovering new businesses on TWISPER

TWISPER empowers our users to have positive experiences. 45% of TWISPER users have spent money with more than 10 new businesses they have found through positive recommendations on TWISPER


We are passionate about bringing business closer to the customers that love them and focusing on the beauty of experiences and exploration away from the negativity of online review platforms. 

Using TWISPER Business for his new restaurant Muse in London’s Belgravia, renowned British chef Tom Aikens states that “the great thing about TWISPER being centered on sharing positive recommendations, is that it keeps the fun and experiential side of visiting somewhere or eating out at the heart. It brings back fairness and positivity to hospitality.”   

A community that prioritizes supporting the businesses they love 

TWISPER users want to use our platform in order to support the businesses they love. 

80% of the TWISPER community leave recommendations for their favorite places in order to support them. 

What’s more, customers want a platform that does not charge the businesses they love commission on their orders or bookings. In general,  70% of customers want booking and ordering options that do not cost the businesses they love commissions. On TWISPER, that number is even higher.  



94% of the TWISPER community prefer to use platforms that do not charge commission to place orders and make bookings over platforms that do



With TWISPER’s 0% commission Booking Button, your business can avoid these unnecessary costs, and put your customers’ minds at ease that their money goes directly to your business and not to a third party.   


A community that values personal connections 

The personal nature of TWISPER’s recommendations combat the fatigue they have with traditional review platforms. According to Trustpilot, 80% of users think that online reviews are not authentic, and customers struggle to differentiate the value offering between a restaurant with 4.4 stars and one with 4.3 stars. These traditional rating platforms present places quantitively but are not truly qualitative.  

On the flip side of this, customers trust recommendations from people they know. 

84% of potential customers will trust your business if it is recommended by someone close to them.  



They need the reassurance of their social network when making purchasing decisions. In fact, they favour personal recommendations over impersonal online reviews and a recent psychology study on post-pandemic customers, found that individuals are highly reactive to the choices made by others, especially those that they trust. On TWISPER, your loyal customers don’t rate you, they recommend you to their network of friends and followers, giving you free and efficient exposure in the form of digital word-of-mouth marketing. This translates to 67% of your customers’ network trying out your place when your customer leaves a recommendation for your business on TWISPER. 

80% of the TWISPER community will leave a positive recommendation for a place when their friend also recommends it


Our findings show that the TWISPER community: 

  • Spend with businesses that they find through positive recommendations on TWISPER. 

  • Support the businesses that they love by recommending them to their friends. 

  • Value personal recommendations of businesses over anonymous online reviews. 

The data shows that businesses can effectively leverage the personal recommendations of customers, in order to reach new customers in their network of friends. Start your free trial on TWISPER today to tap into our positive community and significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs.  


TWISPER is on a mission to bring fairness and positivity back to the hospitality industry. During this unprecedented time, we hope to cast light on the grit, resilience and determination that are an inherent part of the industry. We know that these qualities will lead to recovery and restoration as we look to the future. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest industry news and TWISPER announcements.