Unlock the power of digital word of mouth

TWISPER Business, the first platform with only positive recommendations, is the marketing boost you need to: 

Attract new customers by leveraging positive recommendations & reduce customer acquisition cost

Unlock the power of digital word of mouth
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Leverage positive recommendations

Highlight the best customer or partner recommendations on your TWISPER profile so that potential customers can discover other people’s positive experiences on your profile. 

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Leverage positive recommendations
Automate messages to customers

Automate messages to customers

Connect with your happy customers automatically by sending a personalized Thank You Message to each guest who recommends your place. ​

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Reduce client acquisition costs

Benefit from a 0% commission Booking Button by using TWISPER and direct your customers directly to your preferred booking platform. 

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Reduce client acquisition costs

Bringing back positive word-of-mouth referrals

Watch the video and see how Dirk Hany uses
TWISPER Business tools to connect with happy
customers and leverage positive

Check out which features he’s using and why.

New features coming soon

TWISPER Business works with restaurants, hotels and bars to create the best platform for positive recommendations.

The following features are coming soon:

• A Business Feed to promote your latest news and special offers
• A direct chat with your customers to further interact with them 
• A digitalized fidelity card to thank your most loyal customers
• And much more 

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